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In Japifon, quality runs in our DNA. We are convinced that this is the only way to differentiate our services and achieve total satisfaction and loyalty from our users.

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Japi SMS

The most reliable, secure, and cost-effective communication method for businesses.

Japi RCS

The evolution of text messaging on Android platforms.

Japi Whatsapp

Communicate with your customers and users through the most popular messaging app in Mexico.

Japi Chatbot

Automate your communications through any of our channels with our ChatBot solutions.

Japi Mailing

Promote your products and services or even authenticate users through email.

Japi Soluciones

Something missing? With our tailored solutions it's just a matter to imagine what you need.

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Days a year

The anti-tsunami flexibility gives us the versatility to adjust and create new solutions for our clients.

Our platform has been developed 100% in-house.

With the strength to withstand earthquakes, it remains firm and functional no matter what happens.